a modern take on the classic peruvian ceviche; only the freshest seafood is used to prepare our “martini cevichitos”
oh! calamares – 12
fresh flounder, jumbo shrimp, calamari, pulpo, concha negra, aji amarillo, rocoto
el norteño – 12
fresh grouper, red onion, yuyo, aji limo
el aphrodisiaco – 15
black conch, oyster, sweet potato, aji limo
la limeña – 15
baby shrimp lump crabmeat causa potato rocoto cream
del mercado – 15
fresh flounder, red onions, corn, fried calamari, rocoto
el duo – 12
oh! calamares & el norteño

a savory and crunchy way to get into the night
el pollito – 12
boneless thighs, potatoes, aji pollero, limon
el calamar – 12
calamari, cassava, house tartar
los mariscos – 15
jumbo shrimp, scallops, calamari, oyster, potatoes, willy’s dipping sauce
camarones crocantes – 12
panko jumbo shrimp, plantains, spicy seafood sauce

Classicos pa’ picar
select your poison with our take on the following classics made to share
trio espectacular – 12
yuquitas, roasted potatoes, andean toast served with house creams
las salchichas borrachas – 14
trio of beer cooked sausages over a variety of fries topped with house sauces
causitas crocantes – 11
jumbo lump crabmeat, causa potato, rocoto cream
duo de choritos – 12
new zealand mussels with Peruvian salsas
4 classic chalaca / 4 oh! calamares

in the ancient quechua language “anticucho” means “cut stew meat” marinated in vinegar, aji panca, garlic & cumin; peruvian style grilling
classico de corazon – 11
beef heart kebabs, corn, roasted potato, huancaina
el pollito – 10
chicken thigh kebabs, corn, roasted potato, ocopa
el duo parrillero – 15
classico de corazon, el pollito
el pulpito – 15
spanish pulpo, corn, roasted potato, rocoto

classic dishes miniaturized into crispy spring rolls
one choice – 12
two choices – 14
arrozito con pollo
lomito saltado
escabechito de pes
picantito de camaron

No hay primera sin segunda…
a few entrée options to fill up on
pescado a lo macho – 17
grouper fillet, spicy seafood sauce
cau-cau de mariscos – 17
seafood medley, potato, turmeric, aji amarillo
salmon al pisco – 19

salmon fillet, aji amarillo sauce, pisco, jumbo shrimp
arroz con mariscos – 17
seafood medley, yellow rice, dark beer, aji panca
lomo saltado – 16
tender steak, tomato, red onion, potato, soy
saltado de pollo – 16
chicken strips, tomato, red onion, potato, soy